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Toni Halliday contributed vocals to two tracks on Recoil’s LP ‘Bloodline’ in 1991 but, of course, most people will know her in her more familiar role as one half of Curve. Formed in 1990, Curve released their first EP ‘Blindfold’ in 1991. Two further EPs, ‘Frozen’ & ‘Cherry’, helped to established the duo as a credible force in the British indie scene.

Their first album ‘Doppelganger’ in 1992 was quickly followed by ‘Cuckoo’ the following year and Curve were rapidly building themselves a reputation and a strong live following. However, roller coasting American tours and a full-on lifestyle left them emotionally drained resulting in Toni and Dean’s decision to take a break from the band, and each other, to work on individual projects.

Toni experimented briefly with an all-female noise rock band ‘Scylla’ before Curve eventually re-emerged from their extended sabbatical in 1997, with a new single ‘Chinese Burn’.

Toni left the band in 2005.