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Paul’s main project Lone Wolf began life in 2009 spawned from dusty rooms and tape studios around Sweden where he pulled his songs and ideas together with the assistance of Kristofer Jonson from Jeniferever. After a month of field recordings, sneaking into concert halls late at night to use the piano, setting up gear in small village churches and other random places, the basic album tracks were completed. The resulting debut album, ‘The Devil And I’, was released on Bella Union in mid-2010.

A year followed with Paul sharpening his teeth on the road, looking for a leaner more focussed sound – one he could truly call his own. Sharing stages across the UK, USA & Europe alongside friends and fellow sonic sculptors Wild Beasts, Radiohead’s Phil Selway, The Invisible and more, the seeds of Lone Wolf’s second chapter were sewn.

Throughout 2011 Paul meticulously crafted a new creative template he could draw from, with the aim of creating music free of immediate categorisation. He called upon the talents once again of engineer James Kenosha (who had mixed ‘The Devil And I’) along with producer Jon Fougler to form an experimental yet definitive statement. Putting narrative and his powerful vocals front and centre, the rest of the sonic canvas was free to paint as was his will.

The first fruits of this labour came in the form of ‘The Swan of Meander’ where Paul’s adept skills on 6-string (electric) guitar and the soaring backing vocals of Blue Roses provided a very neat bridge between ‘The Devil And I’ and Lone Wolf’s latest album ‘Lodge’, released in 2015.

Paul Marshall featured twice on the Talk Talk tribute compilation album, ‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’ as Lone Wolf, as well as guest vocalist on Recoil’s ‘Inheritance’.