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During his 11 years at Mute’s Worldwide Studios, Paul Kendall worked with most of the artists on the label and out-of-house acts such as Nine Inch Nails, Gallon Drunk, Primal Scream and The Jesus And Mary Chain, amongst others.

Since 1995, he has collaborated in productions for many acts, including his current partner Olivia Louvel. Paul also creates his own music, formerly via the Parallel Series label (part of Mute’s catalogue) and more recently through self-styled labels like Catwerk Imprint.

Along with his other projects, he has been Alan’s go-to right-hand man in the studio since ‘Liquid’ (2001) lending earholes in general while contributing the more extreme left-field sound design elements, tweaking, fine-tuning, mixing, performing live and indulging the cricket & footy obsessions.

For extended information, an interview and full discography for Paul, see ‘Who is this PK bloke, anyway?’ in evidence/editorial