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Recoil fashion soundtrack

Recoil fashion soundtrack

Following on from the Nom D show in 2001, another request was received for the use of Recoil music – this time in a video to accompany the fashion show of designer Andrew MacKenzie (Autumn-Winter 2002-2003 Collection).

Tracks included were ‘Shunt’ and ‘Incubus’ from the LP ‘Unsound Methods’. Other artists scheduled were: Danny Elfman, Diamanda Galás, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Keith Emerson.

The following images are taken from clothing label Nom D‘s last winter collection (2002), for which Recoil provided the music. The show was held during November in New Zealand and, by all accounts, both the designs and music received an enthusiastic reception. ‘Shunt’ was used as an opener (while people were being seated) followed by ‘Luscious Apparatus’, ‘Jezebel’ and ending with ‘Strange Hours’.

We liked the designs a lot at Shunt and thought they may be up the average Recoil fan’s street, so to speak. Also, we figure that if we give them enough free publicity, they might even be kind enough to send us some pro gratis clobber!

nomd_1    nomd_4    nomd_3    nomd_2

Nom D do not currently host a website but Charlotte Rust does have her own URL selling some Nom D accessories along with other new and second-hand designs (mainly Martin Margiela, Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang etc.). Items from this 2002 winter collection are due to be added in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, they will be difficult to find in retail outlets until well into next year. For more information, contact: