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Recoil remix for SONOIO

Recoil remix for SONOIO

Alan Wilder completed his version of ‘Minutes’ (expansion mix) for the ┬áNON SONOIO remix album. SONOIO is the project of Alessandro Cortini – former member of Nine Inch Nails.

The release also includes re-workings and remixes by Eric Avery, Telefon Tel Aviv, Drumcell, Daniel Myer, Mark Verbos, Gino Robair, Baseck, Except the Cat & Ian Curtis.

NON is available in the following packages :


1. Free download album – mp3 format.

2. Hi-def digital upgrade (format of your choice: mp3, apple lossless, flac or source wav) for $5.

3. Very limited (350), numbered and signed 7 inch for ‘Scientist’: red vinyl, artwork by Caspar Newbolt (includes ‘Scientist’ (album version) and the Drumcell remix. $8.

4. An even more limited run of 6 test pressings from the vinyl manufacturing plant (includes the above mentioned 7 inch and download). $30.


You can find everything at: