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‘FAN’ – Interview with Alan

‘FAN’ – Interview with Alan

Now available to view at YouTube, a brand new Polish film directed by Grzegorz Radziejewski has been released featuring interviews with Alan Wilder, Gareth Jones, Adrian Sherwood and many others.

Shot in Lodz, Poland between August 2009 & November 2010, the film focuses on trying to explain the subculture surrounding Depeche Mode and its followers, how that came into being and what it all means. Alan recorded his interview for Grzegorz at the Andels hotel in April 2010 when Recoil visited Lodz to present ‘A Strange Hour’.

Says Radziejewski : “Initially, the general idea of the movie was to portray just the fans. It seemed relatively easy, but it was not! The troublesome issue was how to depict the fans without showing their beloved band? This problem was solved as the former DM member, Alan Wilder, came to Lodz. He agreed to a long interview. While working on the movie I was given a unique chance to speak with several other people who also worked closely with the band.”

‘FAN’ is a non-commercial project made without any budget, just with a lot of love & desire. Here at Shunt, we feel Grzegorz’s team has done a great job creating this heartfelt documentary – not dissimilar in approach to Jeremy Deller & Nick Abraham’s ‘The Posters Came From The Walls’.

Watch ‘FAN’ and judge for yourself…