What digital synth do you use most often and where did you get that sample of those evil strings that you use in songs like Edge To Life and the remix of Stalker?

The only digital synth I’ve been using recently, is the Korg Pro 1X, which co-incidentally is where the string sounds for the Stalker remix come from, in addition to a live cello which was played by Oliver Kraus. There are no sampled strings on this remix. The high string harmonics come from Oli’s cello.

You’ve said you don’t especially mind people sampling Recoil. Have you ever considered making select samples commercially available? Let us poor bastards get hold of some of those scrummy drum loops and sounds? 🙂

Well, what I said is that if people use Recoil samples as a base for making something original and new, I don’t have any real objection but I’m not going to actively encourage it and I’m certainly not going to make all my source sounds available. I fear that if I endorse Recoil sampling, the likelihood is that there will be those who consider it licence to abuse my good nature. I wouldn’t be happy to hear large chunks of Recoil music on other peoples’ records.