I’m a cellist and I suppose I’m biased but I think it is the darkest, sexiest instrument. I haven’t heard much from Recoil so I’m not sure if you have used a cello. If not, why not? Have you ever thought about it?

I like the cello very much and used it quite extensively on ‘Unsound Methods’ – in particular, on ‘Stalker’ and ‘Control Freak’. I recruited an old college friend of Hep’s called Oliver Kraus to play the parts – he is also a member of the British band, My Life Story.

Have your abilities to play the “most important rock’n’roll instrument”- the flute, ever been used on a DM or Recoil song?

I am surprised you haven’t spotted the instrument being used quite prominently on a particular track from ‘Unsound Methods’. Answers on a postcard please.

What digital synth do you use most often and where did you get that sample of those evil strings that you use in songs like ‘Edge To Life’ and the remix of ‘Stalker’?

The only digital synth I’ve been using recently, is the Korg Pro 1X, which co-incidentally is where the string sounds for the Stalker remix come from, in addition to a live cello which was played by Oliver Kraus. There are no sampled strings on this remix. The high string harmonics come from Oli’s cello.

Which drum machines are used for Recoil work? How many tracks do you use for drums usually?

I didn’t use any drum machines on ‘Unsound Methods’ – all the rhythm parts are performed and/or sampled.

I was wondering what synth’s you used on ‘Unsound Methods’ ?

Go to Connections – thinline / view apparatus for a full breakdown of all Recoil equipment. I’ve used most of it at one time or another.

Given that current methods of storing data are all prone to eventual decay, what are you doing to ensure that Recoil will never be lost in the sands of time?

Nothing in particular. The master tapes are on both digital and analogue formats which is about as much as I can do.

Any chance of Recoil or DM showing up on DVD (Digital video disc)?

Yes I would think and hope so, once the format takes off.