Within the German Depeche Mode mailing list INSIGHT, the attached picture of The Dragons is very mysterious to some members. They are asking if you might by the guy in the middle of the picture? Please be so kind to solve the riddle.

I was wondering why you are not mentioned on The Dragons 7″ promo I have. There are four guys in the picture and four names on the cover: Huw Gower, George Smith, Nick Howell and Jo Burt. Where are you? Same with the ‘Bates Motel’ single by The Hitmen – no Alan Wilder on the cover. Why? I thought you were a full member of the band?!? BTW, it’s the same with The Korgis’ single ‘If I had You’. I thought you joined The Korgis for this one – am I wrong?

In the case of The Dragons and The Hitmen, I joined both these groups just around the time that these singles were released. Much like my early DM days, I was considered too ‘new’ to be included in the artwork which, in The Dragons’ case, was well under way. I was never a member of The Korgis but was acquainted with Andy Davies from the duo. He asked to contribute as a session player.

What kind of music did Dafne And The Tenderspots, The Dragons, Real To Real and The Hitmen play?

Dafne = jump-on-the-bandwagon New Wave.
Real To Real = White man reggae.
The Dragons = 70’s soft-rock.
The Hitmen = 80’s Bowiesque rock.

I do any style, me. Go to A-Files – history for more information and pictures.

Where can I find ‘Disco Hell’ by Dafne And The Tenderspots’? An MP3-File on your Website would be fine 🙂

You’ll be lucky….

Not to humiliate you, but I just heard the Dafne and the Tenderspots tune ‘Disco Hell’ around the net and laughed my ass off. Was that YOU screaming “no soul..no rhythm”?

No I wasn’t singing on that track, it was Graham the guitarist. Anyway, if you think that was bad, you should hear some of the other songs (and no, I’m not lending you my copy) 😉

Is it possible to get a copy of Real to Real’s ‘Tightrope Walkers’ somewhere?

Well, you’re not having my copy…..I suggest scouting some second-hand record shops, but don’t hold your breath.

Is it Daphne or Dafne?

‘Dafne Nancholas’ to be precise.