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Depeche Mode – AW Remix

Depeche Mode – AW Remix

Don’t forget to check out Alan’s mix of ‘In Chains’ on the Depeche Mode remix album, ‘Remixes 81-11’ due for released in 2011.

Says Alan : “I have to say it was a tempting proposition to try and remix something for Depeche Mode after all these years, and I appreciated the gesture of being asked. It was requested that I choose something post-‘Songs of Faith & Devotion’ which proved an interesting experience, trying to choose a track from their more recent material, and a particular challenge since I had very little time to do the mix given I was stuck in technological limbo somewhere in the French countryside..!

To help me decide, I asked Mute to provide stems from several short-listed songs, so that I could listen to component parts and make a more informed decision. In the end I decided that ‘In Chains’ could maybe benefit most from the Wilder treatment, hopefully expanding the dynamics and overall power. I thought the song and the existing vocal performance was strong (even though Dave’s voice arrived with all its effects bounced together, so I was stuck with those).

The general experience was a bit weird and took me back to particular recording periods we spent together years before. I could imagine, through this process of listening to individual parts, how the original recording of ‘In Chains’ might have come together.

We ended up with two quite different versions of ‘In Chains’ and I’m happy with the results. I hope the fans will like them too.”