Format : 2 X LP / Enhanced CD

Catalogue no : Stumm173 / CDStumm173

Release date : March 2000


Black Box (part 1)



Breath Control

Last Call For Liquid Courage

Strange Hours




Black Box (part 2)


‘Liquid’ was written and produced by Alan Wilder
Additional production and sound design : PK
Production assistance and co-ordination : Hepzibah Sessa
All tracks recorded and mixed at The Thin Line, Sussex between July 1998 and June 1999

Additional Bass / Guitar : Dean Garcia
Drum sources : Monti
Guitar sources : Merlin Rhys-Jones
Violin / Backing vocals : Hepzibah Sessa

Album co-ordination : Roland Brown
Mastering : Mike Marsh at The Exchange
Art Direction / Design : Michael Williams at Intro
Photography : Lee Funnell

Thanks to : Hep and Paris, PK, Diamanda, Nicole, Samantha, Rosa, Reto, Monti, Dean, Merlin, Sonya Madan, Daniel Miller, Roland Brown and everyone at Mute, Anne Berning, Ineke Daans and all the licencees, Huw Price, Mike Marsh, Ian Duncan, Kevin Van Green, Mark Silver, Frank Oglethorpe, Flood and Norman Wattroy