Format : Cassette / LP / CD

Catalogue no : CStumm94 / LPStumm94 / CDStumm94

Release date : April 1992


Faith Healer

Electro Blues For Bukka White

The Defector

Edge To Life





Production / Instruments by alan wilder

Engineered by Steve Lyon, assisted by Dave Eringa
‘Bloodline’ was recorded in London between January and March and mixed at Konk studios, London between October and November 1991

Bass guitar on ‘Edge To Life’ by Jimmy Hughes
Special thanks to Steve, Toni, Doug, Moby, Jim, Aaron Trinder, Kevin Van Green and Diamanda Galás

Toni Halliday appears courtesy of Anxious Records
Douglas McCarthy and Diamanda Galás appear courtesy of Mute Records
Moby appears courtesy of Instinct Records
Bukka White appears courtesy of Sonet Records

Cut at Tape One by Stuart Hawkes
Sleeve design and photography by Martin Atkins, t+cp associates gb/usa