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On November 1st 2011, Dentez Lab and Shunt released a limited edition, remastered DVD of Martin Vladar’s documentary film which accompanied the AW / DM historic equipment, vinyl and memorabilia auction.

Thank you for all the feedback following our request for a response on this. As the original auction run proved so popular and to satisfy many who missed out, we have decided to produce this superior quality transfer of the film. Based on your comments, we are manufacturing a limited run of 1000 copies, with extra material available, entitled ‘Alan Wilder Collected +’

Directed and edited by Vladar and featuring new artwork and photo manipulations by Akos Szenasi, the ‘Collected +’ DVD comes shrink-wrapped in a cardboard sleeve and includes 4 extra scenes of unseen footage – with more Emax demos from Alan, other outtakes which never made the final cut, a film review of the day at Zion in Manchester, and a 67-shot photo gallery. Total running time – about 62 minutes.

You can order your copy right now! The DVD will ONLY be purchasable from the new Recoil Official Store. All transactions will be processed via PayPal. Click the link for full details.